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“Virtual Web Page” Technology


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011



“Virtual web paging” allows us to compress a thousand web pages into the space occupied by a single web page.  This technology is currently in use at the L. F. Nexus Think Tank on the Trillion Pages web pages.  Interested parties may contact us at (not activated yet).


The NGBTC Trillion Pages is one trillion pages of supercomputer analysis and synthesis of ancient biblical texts.  Before we proceed any further, here is our link to the main Trillion Pages web page, which is being updated and upgraded: Now, you might be asking how it could be possible for us to host one trillion pages of information. First, storage space is plentiful. However, we don't need one trillion pages of storage space. This is because we use real-time page generators. When you click on a link to a given page, a page generator generates and downloads the page for you. The secret is the page generation. Since the content of the Trillion Pages is generated by computers, we only need to store the code that generates the content.

When you access the content our code generates the content then downloads it to your computer. One code generator generates an average of one million pages. Therefore, we only need to store one million code generators. Now this is still cumbersome; so instead we use super generators. A super generator generates page generators. In all, we use around one thousand super generators, which is a manageable number.

Our technology is called "orbital compression technology" or “OCT” for short.  OCT is the advanced form of our innovation virtual web page technology. We will explain all of this in detail as soon as possible.





















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